Sunday, September 24, 2006

When is the last time the Michigan Wolverines were 4-0? 1999!!

We pulled out a very good win there and unlike the Notre Dame game win we were up by 19 and I was still somewhat worried (dam little ugly ass leprechauns). I was not at all worried coming out after halftime and pulling out a can of whoop-ass.

Our defense just gets better and better in the 2nd half, but it was already really good after the first drive. I absolutely love the way they are playing this year on defense. They all outta have capes on they are moving so fast. I use to be envious of the Florida defenses, but now we are on the same level as those great defense they have had in the past. Isn't funny how scared the qbs get later in the game. During the early and middle part of the game even if the qb gets the ball off he is getting peeled a step later. Then later on even with nobody around he is running for his life just because he is scared shitless. The receivers also are very worried when they try and catch a ball they are thinking "please please don't hit me Bobby Bouche".
Kudos to : The whole defense and especially Branch and Harris

Our offense is so bland sometimes, but sooooo effective. Can we PLEASE catch the ball!!!! God Henne is not as bad as his numbers are looking right now or at least with the 4 ints. I have not seen so many balls go through the hands of our receivers as I have this year. Henne had a decent year last year and I did not pile up on him because I thought he was a good qb still, but this year he hasimproves a lot and now his other halves need to do more improving. The O line still is not blowing the people off the line in the zone blocking and Wisconsin showed that with there good defense.
Kudos to: Henne Manningham and pass blocking O-line

Special teams was off the hizzy today. From the beginning of the season until now they are the most improved group and it really keep this game in hand.

Now for the funny shit!! I am sure that you all have seen the Mzone and they have the stuff about the "buckstache" and how all the criminals and Ohiostate players have this, hell even that dancing ohiostate girl has one on there site. Yesterday they showed the Wheaties box that has the Michigan Helmets on the then they go and show Chris being on the Wheaties box which I have posted for your pleasure nad anybody else who would like it.

Great job Wolverine for " not letting the Wolverine Nation down"


Thursday, September 21, 2006

The Wolverines VS. Da Baaaaaahhhhhhhggggggeeeerss

After a very impressive win last week I think we have all heard the cliche "we are going into a let down game" or " this is a trap game". These are very true statements here. There are many things going for us in this game and as long as the team stays focused the Wolverines will come out 4-0.
This Wisconsin team although not playing very good teams has shown that they can defend the pass and are very sturdy against the run. The most impressive thing to me is that they are only allowing 4 to 5 yards avg. against the pass. The teams are passing 25 to 30 times a game and only avg. 4 to 5 yards? Either they are throwing to sloths or they have good DB's. The run Defense started off okay with BG in game one with an avg of 4.5 yards a run, then shut the other two weaker teams down . There offense is basically a rushing offenese with Mr. Hill running the ball. They are avg. 4.5 yards a carry and they had 6.7 a carry vs. SDSU which is a pretty bad team this year, but Vs the powerhouse WIU they avg. 3.6 so they are going to try and establish a running game for sure. On third downs they like to run the ball to pick them up so that means they have short third downs. Passing They a mediocre at best. They have a decent QB who is completing just 55% of his passes at an avg of 6.6 yards per pass. There special teams are very good. They can punt very good and put the ball in the endzone on the kickoff.

Our strengths and why we will win this ballgame.

1) Last remember that crap....Stocco you bitch!
2) Our rush defense is 1 in the country and when you go against a running team that goes right into the mouth of the Wolverine. Too fast, too strong, too pissed.
3) Although getting burned in the backfield our DB's are getting more in sync, so this team is going to have a very hard time running and passing. Not sure if you can win if you can't pass and run.
4) SEE (1)
5) They gave up decent avg yardage against BG on the run. So can you imagine what they will do with Hart and Grady! Henne proved last week if they stack the box then he can throw over the top which in my opinion is the true weekness of the Badger defense.

There is not much more reasons we need to win except LAST YEAR!!!!!!!!!!


Monday, September 18, 2006

Just as I predicted!!!!

Can I say that was a huge win.. OHHHH you laready new that also...smarty pants!

I can't believe the total domination that the Wolverines showed. Let me tell you though you don't know how close ND was to scoring 40 the words of R. Williams. I am watching this game again to really look at it and can I tell you Ihope I never have to hear these announcers again!! I hate to hear people wanting the other team to win. Here is my quick view of the game good and bad!!

1) Mike Hart is a BITCH!! He sees the holes no matter where they are usually and he will clean knock a defender over step on them and tell them he is see in their momma's later that night. Oh yeah and that guy Grady is gonna be awesome once hart is gone.

2) Henne shut a lot of doubters up with his accuracy. He read the defense well and got rid of the ball quickly usually. I wish he would of ran a little more, but I am not complaining. Great Job Chad!!!

3) The line did a great job on run plays although they need a little more cohesion they really push people where they want them to go. I just hope the young guys are taking notice for next year since we are losing 4 on the front line. There pass blocking is decent, but I did notice that stunts and blitzes going up the middle got through to Chad many times. They will get better!!

4)Manningham...did you see him pretty much say screw this cast I am going out there to play and that is final. He is showing his true colors and we have him here a while also. Breaston CATCH THE BALL....GOSH DARN IT!!! I never thought he was a great catcher of the ball in the first place and even when I brought that up on rivals one time got completely ripped by everybody 6 months ago. Arrington I new would be good and was sorry he got hurt last year the triple threat is going to be hard for teams to defend in the future. Although Breaston is not catching great he still is super fast and a threat. He just has Ginnitis.

5) The defensive line and linebackers (YOU ARE ALSO A BITCH) should of just lined up on the ND side of the ball since they were there all game. One thing Ron realized at the end of the first half don't sit back and just play prevent. They barely even blitzed on that drive. Harris straight kills people. When a team can't run it really puts a lot of pressure on the other team and the DB's. One other thing you could never tell who was going to blitz either they do a great job of hiding it.

6) The DB's need the most improvement on this team. Good thing that Brady was scared(because of the blitzes and pressure) as hell and lost his complete accuracy. There was a couple long passes that he just miss threw that would of been touchdowns. I am not sure who was blowing there coverage I know one was Hall/Stewart, but not sure on the others.

7) Special teams did really good this time and remember when you play Tosu punt out of bounds also.


Saturday, September 16, 2006


That is what I am going to here later this afternoon. Usually I am super optomistic, but also a realist. Today I have awaken with a unbelievable notion that we are going to win. I have been watching a couple of games this week and I will tell you why the Wolverines are going to pull this out. If you read all the sites about them you will have heard some of this before, but these are my feelings.

Our Defense is going to be the main reason for this. Brady Quinn is a great QB and so is David Carr with Houston Texans, but without time back there you are not going to be or show how good you are. Our D-Line is better than there O-Line. We shut down walker then get into the 3-3-5 and blitz the hell out of them causing bad throws, turnovers, and sacks. There wideouts are very good, but the same thing how can they get the ball if Brady is running for his life. They will probably score early, but the one thing Ron English has shown this year is his ability to adapt to what is going on. Both Vandy and CMU had pretty decent early drives then were shut down in the 2nd half. Although CMU did not score right away they had good drives. Ron has just made real good adjustments at halftime. I hope that we run Cover 2 man a little to not allow the receivers to get deep at the beginning of the game(only if we are not getting to Quinn).
Our offense is going knock the RUDY out of them. Our line although not super impressive on pass protection it has improved and will improve more this week. Hart, Grady and Minor are all going to be huge in this game keeping each other fresh and punishing the corky defenders of ND at the end of the runs and the game. I have never been a complete advocate of this type of offense it is boring, but when they are good it is effective. We need to get Texas Tech offense coordinator in here. That would be fun.....wouldn't it?

CORSO PICKED ND YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ND don't have the Hart to Make the Grad...y. We are going to give them a Minor fibulation under there Breast...on. They don't have the Man...ningham power to control the Hen... ne running and throwing.

Basically we are going to give them a Bigg, Long, Brown, Hard(t) Wood(ley) Ecker right in there Sumarja(how ever you spell ass) while we rock there Crable and send them down the Hall. When they wake up on Mundy and realize they just got the Quinn knocked out them they'll wish that they had not gotten so many Graham crackers and gotten smacked in the head with the Brach so many times.

That is my attempt at a little poetry...

Lets beat the Sumarja out of ND WE WILL WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Monday, September 11, 2006

For the first time in 15 years or so I was able to go to a Michigan game. Man is that a long drive and what the heck is 30 or 40 bucks for parking about. I seen a few homes that had parking for 10.00 and at least 15 cars there. That has to be pretty sweet to pay for your mortgage just by people parking in your yard. Anyhow the walk going to the stadium(because I am cheap as hell) consisted on going by a lot of tailgating. Then going through the golf course was awesome. My 7 year old is use to OSU fans andsaying dumb stuff, but being there in Ann Arbor with all the maize and blue he was awe struck. Going into the stadium all these people selling these tickets for 25 or less. I guess the next time I go I will not use ebay and just go there and find the tickets there. I guess the supply and demand is lower at these kind of games. Once we entered the stadium it was like entering heaven. I have gone through there a couple of times during the off season and it does not compare with all those people in there. Those of you who go all the time should feel privledged!! As we are watching the 1st series they have to go for it on 4th down. This repeated itself like 3 times. I was sitting insection 7 so I could not see the best when they were down there on the other side of the field, but the running was really good and watching them cut back was like watching Terrell Davis years ago. When they used the waggle I seen more than 1 person open everytime so that is going to be a great play in there bag. I was very surprised they did not test this defense down the field at least a couple of times. I realize they are working on the run offense, but you need to get the timing down for throwing. Game speed and practice speed is way different.
Then the skies opened up and BOOM 2 time. How stupid am I.....I leave the rain suits in the car because it is so nice out when I got there. Game gets postponed fo an hour. One good thing was I brought is nerf football in and when the delay happened we had something to do at least. Game resumed, we do the wave, we score, we sing and pump our fists, and then we win. While I was leaving there was a guy selling Rudy Sucks and OSU Sucks t-shirts so since there was always like 200 people in line to the M-Den those were the only souvenirs I bought.It was a tremendous time and I can't wait till next year when I go again(I am not going to spend 200 on tickets). I hope that they play much better this coming week ALTHOUGH I DON'T BELIEVE THAT VANDY AND CMU ARE AS BAD AS PEOPLE THINK!!!!!!!! Vandy and Alabama was pretty close and CMU keeping up with BC was good to.


Friday, September 08, 2006

This weekend is the CMU game and Iam super excited. Unlikemost people who put blogs on the net I am unable to go to the games very often or on the radio while I am driving.
You know how it is when you are driving down the road and you are beginning to get out of the range of the radio station and static begins to happen, but there is a really good song on so you try to put up with it, and finally you just get ticked off and have to turn it. I am the same way I HATE static and as soon as it starts to happen I turn it as fast as I can except when it comes to the Michigan games or trying to listen to Detroit stations when they are talking about the Wolverines. I sometimes am able to get the am stations in Akron with alot of static sometimes and when I drive toward west Cleveland I have a little less static and no matter how bad the static is I will listen as long as I can hear the words.
This last weekend I was even more south and could not find the game on 750 which it was on last year so I finally find it on 800 and the static is horrible. It was in and out so I had to stop in a local estabishment and get an adult pop. Have you ever had a hard time finding a bar? Man they are anywhere and everywhere usually, but not that day. I got lucky and found it on a side street. When I get in there I go in and there is one guy there and he is decked out in OSU garb, so I immediately know what is going to be said. Your a Michigan fan? Yeah that is why I am wear a big ass M on my hat and a maize Michigan shirt (Osu fans know how to find the answers out.) Then the next question I have been asked a million times "you live in Ohio why are you a michigan fan?" I reply "because of Anthony Carter when I was 7 or 8". The next statement "I bet you hate Tressel since we own you now!". Know I am wondering how long this guy has been in there and how many pops he has had. So I dial it down quit getting into this stupid conversation with this intelligent man. Later on after we have not talked in an hour or so he mutters "we are going kick you ass 56 - 0" my response "your ignorant". So that is what I have to deal with down here just because I couldn't get a radio station in down here. Feel privledged.
I have not been to a game in 15 years, but in that time have not missed more than 5 on the television(thank god they are a power house or I would have to be a complete MAC team follower although I Love U of Akron). I am so pumped to be there and be around people who will be cheering the same team I am hell 107,000 people cheering.

I guess that is it for now and remember GO BLUE!!!!

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Chris Spielman........ Living in Ohio I have it a lot worse as far as ridicule and taking people talking smack then most. Hell I started a new FF league and all the team names are anti-Michigan. Most of the people down here now have pretty much 4 things to say 1) Fuck Michigan (heard that a million times) 2) Keep Carr(didn't that use to be Cooper for us) 3) We own you now that Tressel is here 4) Michigan Sucks......Oh yeah and "we are going undefeated and winning the NC". All these sayings pretty much shows you the mentality level of Tosu fans. Hell even the smart people get extremely stupid once the get into the Tosu zone. I have even had one guy tell my then 6 year old son to take his Michigan shirt off so that he can take a shit and wipe his ass with it. How do you say those exact words to a 6 year old. So anyhow I was listening to 850 wknr and they have a buckeye show tell us you beef with the team (or something like that) and Chris hosts this show or is just on it sometimes, but he had the last beef (I laughed out loud when I heard this). When he went to the Michigan and Vandy game I guess he got a piece of his own medicine. He said that these drunk fans were throwing out f*** bombs and ripped the antenna off his car and threw HOT DOGS all over it.....HOT DOGS!!!!!! Perfect solution for a weiner.

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Michigan 27 Vandy 7 Not like you did not know that already though.
I think this was a true eye opener for the Michigan program. To only score 27 points and most of them in the second half was kinda weak. The first drive was awesome and they looked like they all played together before. Then the next 5 drives there were a few missed assignments allowing pressure to get into the backfield on either a rush or a pass. Did you see how pissed hart got and yelled at the offensive line? I don't know what he said or the OL coach said but then the last few drives they got some of the wrinkles out and looked decent again.
Henne was way overstriding on his throws again just like last year and the ball would sail high on him, but they have seen that before and it defenity shortened up but the fourth quarter. He threw the ball okay with completing less than 50%, but 5 or 6 was plain DROPS! STEVE CATCH THE BALL THE TEAM NEEDS YOU!!! When he does catch the ball he is fun to watch, and was also a little scary fumbling the ball in his hands during punt returns. Manningham I like you A Lot (quoted from Dumb and Dumber) your good!!!
Hart is like the little engine that could. People 3 yards in the backfield and just makes a silly little move and whooop he gains 5 or 6. Why did he carry the ball 31 times? They used 2 of there freshman Minor and Brown right off the bat, so why not keep them in the game at least at the end when our defense was wowing people.
The defense look really good. They only had a couple of missed assignments and I am glad that Vandy scored on that trick play so that the defense realize they are vunderable. I have not seen them fly around the field like that in years. There were 5 or 6 just with 4 tackles or more and my man
WOODLEY I won't say anything more than pin your ears back and go get'em kid BIGGS hit that qb so hard that his momma is yelling at you through the television. Harris the field is 53 yards wide you should not be able to cover the whole thing like that and ending with a "who is your daddy" hit at the end. GREAT JOB DEFENSE!
They need some help or a little more commitment by the players. The way I feel if you are going to be out the you may as well knock the pansy out of Vandy. Steve should of had 15 yardsin front of him on the punt returns with no gold jerseys instead they were right in his face everytime. Special teams is such a huge part. If you give him time he is going to the house and comin back with a sandwich. ZOLTAN lord of the Miagahns was a little nervous and will be fine, but Ross get the ball to the endzone dude. Garrett higher man higher!!
Great job and I believe that they will be able to fix the small problems out there.

LETS GO BLUE!!!!!!!!

Friday, September 01, 2006

Well I want to say that Iam new at this and since all I do is read other blogs about the wolverines I may as well write my own blog out here. TOMMORROW FINALLY CAME!!!
Saturday just is not the same when there is no football on the television.

Let me put a little on here about myself. I am from Ohio and have been a fan since I was 7 or 8. A C is the whole reason I am such a fan. I have went back to find out what game it was that made me such afan, but hell he was so good it could of been one of many. Ever since then I have heard all the stupid ass comments from Tosu jackoffs to make me even more of a fan. I understand bleeding the colors of your team, but they just seem to take it to another level. It some how makes the good guys a-holes. So now I have brainwashed my 7 year old into being a Michigan wolverine. These Tosu fans even say stupid stuff to him. Most parents have the ambitions of the athletic children to make it to the pro's if the are good enough well he is a very good player right now and I just want him to progress to beat Tosu. If he doesn't oh well I know he will be smart enough to go there and get me tickets to the games when he is an alumni. I am looking forward to the Michigan vs. Akron game since that is where I am an alumni.

Let me give my input on the season and my expectations. I have played half of the season on NCAA07 and I have only lost to PSU. There were an unrealistic 6 fumbles so we still have a chance against seriously I don't see us losing more than 2 games and I am sure that we will beat Tosu. I will talk more about this another time, but right now all I have to say is