Friday, September 08, 2006

This weekend is the CMU game and Iam super excited. Unlikemost people who put blogs on the net I am unable to go to the games very often or on the radio while I am driving.
You know how it is when you are driving down the road and you are beginning to get out of the range of the radio station and static begins to happen, but there is a really good song on so you try to put up with it, and finally you just get ticked off and have to turn it. I am the same way I HATE static and as soon as it starts to happen I turn it as fast as I can except when it comes to the Michigan games or trying to listen to Detroit stations when they are talking about the Wolverines. I sometimes am able to get the am stations in Akron with alot of static sometimes and when I drive toward west Cleveland I have a little less static and no matter how bad the static is I will listen as long as I can hear the words.
This last weekend I was even more south and could not find the game on 750 which it was on last year so I finally find it on 800 and the static is horrible. It was in and out so I had to stop in a local estabishment and get an adult pop. Have you ever had a hard time finding a bar? Man they are anywhere and everywhere usually, but not that day. I got lucky and found it on a side street. When I get in there I go in and there is one guy there and he is decked out in OSU garb, so I immediately know what is going to be said. Your a Michigan fan? Yeah that is why I am wear a big ass M on my hat and a maize Michigan shirt (Osu fans know how to find the answers out.) Then the next question I have been asked a million times "you live in Ohio why are you a michigan fan?" I reply "because of Anthony Carter when I was 7 or 8". The next statement "I bet you hate Tressel since we own you now!". Know I am wondering how long this guy has been in there and how many pops he has had. So I dial it down quit getting into this stupid conversation with this intelligent man. Later on after we have not talked in an hour or so he mutters "we are going kick you ass 56 - 0" my response "your ignorant". So that is what I have to deal with down here just because I couldn't get a radio station in down here. Feel privledged.
I have not been to a game in 15 years, but in that time have not missed more than 5 on the television(thank god they are a power house or I would have to be a complete MAC team follower although I Love U of Akron). I am so pumped to be there and be around people who will be cheering the same team I am hell 107,000 people cheering.

I guess that is it for now and remember GO BLUE!!!!


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