Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Only 19 days left!!

It has been a while since I have posted and I got so pumped up after the USC loss and then tore right the hell back down after Florida won. These few weeks has been a roller coaster of emotions on whether the Wolverines should be playing in the N.C.. I guess that I have the same opinion as everyone else does. Michigan is the 2nd best team and Florida is not! I WANT MICHIGAN TO PLAY FOR THE N.C. AND BELIEVE THEY SHOULD BE THERE POINT BLANK....BUT........ I will take what happened to us. If we beat Tosu then we are there and Tosu is bitching and crying to get back there to the N.C.. I also am a Big Ten backer so I will be rooting for Tosu to kill Florida and the rest of the Big Ten to take care of there opponents although I think that there will only be three wins from the Big Ten.

I am very surprised that the point spread right now is only 1.5 points. Obviously USC doesn't show up against non - ranked teams, but they take care of bizness with the formidable teams. There defense is very fast, but not as good as Tosu and their front seven is no where close to Tosu, so we will have a big day on the ground. Their offense is a typical USC offense and will bring everything they have. Our secondary better show up a little more than they did in the last game they played or they will have a few yards in the air.

I predict the score will be 42-(21 to 28). Mike Hart will have 150 yards and 2 tds. Henne will have 300 yards and 2tds. The defense will hold them to under 75 yards rushing and they will hold them to 275 throwing yards, but causing 3 sacks and 3 turnovers.


Living here in Ohio I can't believe how much Tosu gear is out there. Their is no way in hell that they will be able to sell all the T-shirts that are out there and in a couple of years the thrift stores (in other places other than ohio) will be selling these shirts for 2.99 just to get rid of them. Living in Ohio all my life I have never seen so much crap everywhere you look. I went to the mall today looking for some Michigan stuff and there is only a couple of places that you can get Michigan novelties. The one store I went to had pretty cool floor mats and the owner (I presume it was in the middle of the mall and he was Indian...stereotype at its best) comes up to me and says "Michigan stuff cheaper" I replied "how much" he replies "because they SUCK". Needless to say I told him how great that was for his business right there and don't plan on going to buy that piece of shit floor mat made in....wherever!