Monday, September 18, 2006

Just as I predicted!!!!

Can I say that was a huge win.. OHHHH you laready new that also...smarty pants!

I can't believe the total domination that the Wolverines showed. Let me tell you though you don't know how close ND was to scoring 40 the words of R. Williams. I am watching this game again to really look at it and can I tell you Ihope I never have to hear these announcers again!! I hate to hear people wanting the other team to win. Here is my quick view of the game good and bad!!

1) Mike Hart is a BITCH!! He sees the holes no matter where they are usually and he will clean knock a defender over step on them and tell them he is see in their momma's later that night. Oh yeah and that guy Grady is gonna be awesome once hart is gone.

2) Henne shut a lot of doubters up with his accuracy. He read the defense well and got rid of the ball quickly usually. I wish he would of ran a little more, but I am not complaining. Great Job Chad!!!

3) The line did a great job on run plays although they need a little more cohesion they really push people where they want them to go. I just hope the young guys are taking notice for next year since we are losing 4 on the front line. There pass blocking is decent, but I did notice that stunts and blitzes going up the middle got through to Chad many times. They will get better!!

4)Manningham...did you see him pretty much say screw this cast I am going out there to play and that is final. He is showing his true colors and we have him here a while also. Breaston CATCH THE BALL....GOSH DARN IT!!! I never thought he was a great catcher of the ball in the first place and even when I brought that up on rivals one time got completely ripped by everybody 6 months ago. Arrington I new would be good and was sorry he got hurt last year the triple threat is going to be hard for teams to defend in the future. Although Breaston is not catching great he still is super fast and a threat. He just has Ginnitis.

5) The defensive line and linebackers (YOU ARE ALSO A BITCH) should of just lined up on the ND side of the ball since they were there all game. One thing Ron realized at the end of the first half don't sit back and just play prevent. They barely even blitzed on that drive. Harris straight kills people. When a team can't run it really puts a lot of pressure on the other team and the DB's. One other thing you could never tell who was going to blitz either they do a great job of hiding it.

6) The DB's need the most improvement on this team. Good thing that Brady was scared(because of the blitzes and pressure) as hell and lost his complete accuracy. There was a couple long passes that he just miss threw that would of been touchdowns. I am not sure who was blowing there coverage I know one was Hall/Stewart, but not sure on the others.

7) Special teams did really good this time and remember when you play Tosu punt out of bounds also.



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