Sunday, September 24, 2006

When is the last time the Michigan Wolverines were 4-0? 1999!!

We pulled out a very good win there and unlike the Notre Dame game win we were up by 19 and I was still somewhat worried (dam little ugly ass leprechauns). I was not at all worried coming out after halftime and pulling out a can of whoop-ass.

Our defense just gets better and better in the 2nd half, but it was already really good after the first drive. I absolutely love the way they are playing this year on defense. They all outta have capes on they are moving so fast. I use to be envious of the Florida defenses, but now we are on the same level as those great defense they have had in the past. Isn't funny how scared the qbs get later in the game. During the early and middle part of the game even if the qb gets the ball off he is getting peeled a step later. Then later on even with nobody around he is running for his life just because he is scared shitless. The receivers also are very worried when they try and catch a ball they are thinking "please please don't hit me Bobby Bouche".
Kudos to : The whole defense and especially Branch and Harris

Our offense is so bland sometimes, but sooooo effective. Can we PLEASE catch the ball!!!! God Henne is not as bad as his numbers are looking right now or at least with the 4 ints. I have not seen so many balls go through the hands of our receivers as I have this year. Henne had a decent year last year and I did not pile up on him because I thought he was a good qb still, but this year he hasimproves a lot and now his other halves need to do more improving. The O line still is not blowing the people off the line in the zone blocking and Wisconsin showed that with there good defense.
Kudos to: Henne Manningham and pass blocking O-line

Special teams was off the hizzy today. From the beginning of the season until now they are the most improved group and it really keep this game in hand.

Now for the funny shit!! I am sure that you all have seen the Mzone and they have the stuff about the "buckstache" and how all the criminals and Ohiostate players have this, hell even that dancing ohiostate girl has one on there site. Yesterday they showed the Wheaties box that has the Michigan Helmets on the then they go and show Chris being on the Wheaties box which I have posted for your pleasure nad anybody else who would like it.

Great job Wolverine for " not letting the Wolverine Nation down"



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