Tuesday, November 14, 2006


This has been a great week down here so far! I have been wearing my Maize and Blue everywhere I go(I am staying away from Downtown) and have even gotten a few GO BLUES out there. The news consists of "there was a murder on the east side...blah blah blah there was a murder on the westside...blah blah blah and now to the Ohio State Michigan game". I am very sure it is like that in Ann Arbor also, but man is it getting me pumped up for this game. The worst part is hearing all the predictions and analysis coming from Tosu fans and how they are going to roll the Wolverines. I have not heard very many say they are going to blow us out, but still hearing so many people saying they are going to win gets disturbing. The funniest thing is where I live in Akron it is 10 times worse and the fans(radio personalities) are just really classless and idiots. Down here it seems that most are pretty classy saying the normal stuff like"what are you doing with that crap on" or "that is the wrong colors let me give you something red". In northern Ohio you here all the great fun songs like "We don't give a crap for the whole state of Michigan" or repeated "Michigan Sucks" chants. The best of all the other day was when I got serenaded by two Tosu fans. The song went as follows ....

Hail to the Motherfuckers
Hail to the Cocksuckers
Hail hail to Michigan the cestpool of the world.

Hell I requested them to sing it one more time I liked it so much plus the looked stupid as hell singing it together and again classy!! They were mad that I was the only M-fan at the bar and I got one of the 3 best TV's and they were right in front of it.

I realized a little while ago the significance of this game with being one and two, but it really did not sink until this week. We may never see this again in our lifetimes! I hope that this lives up to the hype or we just blow them away. The other thing is the football team and the basketball team are both undefeated how has that been.



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