Thursday, November 16, 2006


I find myself getting more and more anxious to find more information out there out all the people, the game, and what the predictions are. One thing that I can say is I don't like being the underdog even when every game that I watch I always want the underdog to prevail. When the line came out this week I was surprised that it was so high, but at the same time I thought that it would go up. Most people told me that it would go down to 4 or 5, but I disagreed and said that there are too many Tosu believers out there. So far I have been correct and the line actually went up to 7 from 6.5.

There are a few thing s that I am disturbed by
1) All the anti-Michigan stuff out there that deals with Tous
2) I can't find very many anti-Tosu pictures or much of anything else

The is a great website for this type of thing but anywhere else it is hard to find.

Living here in Ohio I obviously have a lot of friends that are Tosu fans and the more ammo that I can get the better off I am, so if you have anything please let me know how to get some anti-Tosu stuff.

This what I believe is going to happen

1)MINDSET: We all know since we are so hyped up that the players are probably calm and acting like nothing is going on, but they know what is at stake and being the underdog will give them even more incentive(like they need it). I believe we will see the most intense team we have seen in a long time. Especially Chad Henne being on his game.

2) RUNNING:The ability to run and stop the run. This is going to look a lot like Wisconsin. We may not get very many yards in the first half, but they will get run down a little and the holes will open up. Mike Hart is an unbelievable back and Jackson showing up lately has made us not miss Grady as much.Tosu will have a couple of 10 yard runs, but for the most part they will not be able to get 100 yards 98 for fact.

3)PASSING:I am so sick and tired of hearing about how great Tosu is in the passing game and that they are the greatest since sliced bread. Okay they are good and fast and will get there yards, but the BIG PLAY will not happen. Our safeties will play far enough back and will not come up until Troy passes the l.o.s. and starts running. Then you have the most underated wide receiving core in america!! Since ManHam went out we have gotten better there at the WR spot. Allowing us to go to the spread offense. We all have since Arrington catch TD's and Breaston catch one, but Matthews and/or Tabb(he is very fast) will be on the field with the other three causing major match up problems. The main factor though is going to be Ecker and sometimes Massey. On normal plays they will be tremendous. I guess all this hindges on Henne being accurate and making good choices. he has thrown 7 int's, but 4 were his fault and the others were the WR fault. I feel the dropsies will happen a little early just because of the emotions going on.

4)SPECIAL TEAM: I hope that Carr learned last year to not kick to Ginn unless you have to. If this happens we by far are the better ST, but even without that our comparisions this year show we are way better than them in this category. I don't believe that either team will allow the other team to have a big play off a punt. Kick Off we have the clear advantage and could have a TD.

5)OVERALL: The two responses that I hear this year is one they are going to beat us bad(only because I am in C-bus) and the other we are going to lose by a little bit, and the game is going to be very close. I am in the belief that we are going to do the same thing to Tosu as we did against Wisconsin. I am going to go against my better judgement of a close game and say that we beat them. I mean they said that last year we was going to get trampled on because of there D-fense, but it did not happen and that is another reason why I am going to pick this score!

MICHIGAN 28- Tosu 14



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