Thursday, September 21, 2006

The Wolverines VS. Da Baaaaaahhhhhhhggggggeeeerss

After a very impressive win last week I think we have all heard the cliche "we are going into a let down game" or " this is a trap game". These are very true statements here. There are many things going for us in this game and as long as the team stays focused the Wolverines will come out 4-0.
This Wisconsin team although not playing very good teams has shown that they can defend the pass and are very sturdy against the run. The most impressive thing to me is that they are only allowing 4 to 5 yards avg. against the pass. The teams are passing 25 to 30 times a game and only avg. 4 to 5 yards? Either they are throwing to sloths or they have good DB's. The run Defense started off okay with BG in game one with an avg of 4.5 yards a run, then shut the other two weaker teams down . There offense is basically a rushing offenese with Mr. Hill running the ball. They are avg. 4.5 yards a carry and they had 6.7 a carry vs. SDSU which is a pretty bad team this year, but Vs the powerhouse WIU they avg. 3.6 so they are going to try and establish a running game for sure. On third downs they like to run the ball to pick them up so that means they have short third downs. Passing They a mediocre at best. They have a decent QB who is completing just 55% of his passes at an avg of 6.6 yards per pass. There special teams are very good. They can punt very good and put the ball in the endzone on the kickoff.

Our strengths and why we will win this ballgame.

1) Last remember that crap....Stocco you bitch!
2) Our rush defense is 1 in the country and when you go against a running team that goes right into the mouth of the Wolverine. Too fast, too strong, too pissed.
3) Although getting burned in the backfield our DB's are getting more in sync, so this team is going to have a very hard time running and passing. Not sure if you can win if you can't pass and run.
4) SEE (1)
5) They gave up decent avg yardage against BG on the run. So can you imagine what they will do with Hart and Grady! Henne proved last week if they stack the box then he can throw over the top which in my opinion is the true weekness of the Badger defense.

There is not much more reasons we need to win except LAST YEAR!!!!!!!!!!



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