Friday, October 27, 2006


There is really not a whole lot to breakdown here on this game, but I will any how in about 10 sentences. This game is going to resemble to CMU game to the "T". If NW were to play CMU it would be so close, but the big difference is CMU can pass, and NW can run out of there spread offense. I will even say that the score will be close to the same 41-10.


We will run then run and then run some more. Each of the top three runningbacks will have a touchdown. They will put as many in the box as they can and still get ran on. If by some miracle they slow the running game down then the Butler will get a lot of action this week.

Hart 140 2 td, Grady 70 td Minor 95 td Henne 175 2 td


Although they will control this game it is going to be a good test against a very mobile QB and a excellent RB in Sutton. They mainly run out of the shotgun and do a lot of misdirection plays and play action.. Bacher is going to be running around for his life back there all day.

6 sacks 3 int's


Who really cares although like I have said before this area is most improved and will show up again. There will be a touchdown from our ST tomorrow.


Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Many wishing the Wolverines to be 11-0!!!

Here in Ohio I have not had so many friends of my team The Michigan Wolverines. Everywhere I go with some type of Michigan attire on I hear "I hope that they are undefeated when you play us" and I say "yeah me to and I am sure that we will both be 11-0". I will have to say it is good to hear that even though I know what is going to come out of all there mouths next..."yeah so we can kick your ass and stomp you pieces of shit down....bitches", but still there is a lot of comfort knowing that for the next three weeks I will not take too much crap.

Saying all that we better not lose and I am sure that we will not. I have been just like a lot of Michigan fans and waiting for the letdown, but I now believe that it is not going to happen. This team has too much Hart and desire on defense. The Iowa game proved it. Iowa getting the short field and the defense clamping down and only allowing them a field goal is really sweet, and the other drive where they Iowa just went right down there then all of a sudden BAM!! you ain't score a TD bitches!. So I am very optimistic on the following three weeks.

If we do lose god forbid what I am going to hear around here. I will just get every version of how the team sucks and how I suck for liking them. If they were to lose and I bring it up to them I would hear "yeah well we still will kick your guys ass!!!"

Has anyone ever went on that website ? That has to be the worst site I have ever been on. At one time it probably had a lot of merit and many of us felt the same way, but know it is so out of touch. You have like 20 people that post on there and more than half are Tosu fans. The arguments sound kind of like this "we will kick you ass because Troy is great" then the rebuttal " No way our defense is awesome we will kill him" then " well look at our third quarter second drive starting on the 30 we are the best scoring team in this situation" and it keeps going and going and going. They need to shut that site down so that all the Tosu fans will have to do something else and then keep the Michigan fans on there from going to there level.

My assessment on the two teams

Tosu is very good and they deserve to be the 1 team in the nation. Troy Smith better win the Heisman, because he is awesome and a true playmaker. The defense is way better than I and everybody else thought. Tressels scheme is obviously very good. Ginn...overrated, Gonzales...finally getting his due (leave for the Nfl this season Anthony!!!!). Pittman is From my town and he is a product of Smith.

Wolverines are way better than we expected. I had a really good feeling when Ron E. became the D-coordinator, but never expected this. The play out of there shoes every week and that is why we are a very deserving #2 in the country. Henne, Hart, Manningham have been spectacular this year and the offensive line was a concern at the beginning, but are a little better than we expected. I believe the latest injury to Riley may have lost him his job which make our line even better.

Just as we know with this rivalry no matter how bad or good either team is it is never a sure win. All these Tosu fans telling me the Wolverine are going to lose by more than are full of shit and have never payed much attention to the past 35 years (only because that is how old I am). I can't wait for every Saturday and am looking forward to Nov. 18 even more. It is going to be a classic and we will win 21-17.

GO BLUE!!!!!!

Sunday, October 15, 2006


Well I guess I can say that the game went pretty much as thought. Unbelieveable defense more than adequate offense oh yeah then you have that guy Mike Hart(the little pink bunny) who just keeps going and going and going.


Wow is the only word that I can describe for this unit. The are relentless, mean, and super duper fast. They only let one play get by them. I will say that was an unbelieveable call by the Nittnany Lions O-coordinator. I am not sure how relaxed the defense got right there, but nobody could have seen that call coming. I thought that Tony Hunt was not all that fast, but he had all of our guys falling over each other trying to get to him as he ran down the field. The funny thing about that is they had 112 yards and 50 were on that play. They need to keep it up and let some of the backups play a little after the next game so they can get a little rest. The Trent PI IMO was an iffy call, but I understand why they called it.
Unlike last year I know have the confidence in the defense to shut the teams out even when they give up that late score. GOD IS THAT A GREAT FEELING!!!


The offense did exactly what it had to do. We knew that Penn St. had a very good defense and that Chad would have to be right on the mark. We also knew that the line had to protect him and open holes for Mike. All that happened about 80%. They gave Chad time to pass for the most part and they block pretty good for Hart. Chad was really close to being perfect last night. There was about 4 incomplete passes that were less than a foot off. Mike was Mike and he has proven all year that he is the leader of this team by his performance. Arrington did great, and Breaston did pretty good and should of caught that 3rd down pass to him. He is not going to be a great receiver until he quits letting the ball get to his pads and use his hands out in front of him. Terrific job Offense you did what you had to do...

Saturday, October 14, 2006


I am sure that is what we are going to see around 11:30 tonight. Just to let you know I have played Penn State 3 times on my PS2 and won 2/3. As I have proven before this is a true measure of how we are going to do against a team. I will say that it is going to be close though. I don't really like how I did my preview this week so I am going to update it here.


Our offense is going to have a slight struggle early on, but we will still get on the board. Mike Hart will have a tough time until we are able to get the ball outside the tackles for many yards. We all know that they are going to stack the box with 8 men in there and the true advantage we have is that we have been up by so much that our offensive line have gotten use to that many people at the LOS. Henne should have time back there to throw and when they do blitz (which I suspect a lot) he will drop it out to his backs and let them take care of the rest. The other play that is going to be used a lot is the play action to the TE. I believe that win they played Tosu they played above their ability and Tosu was a little stale.


Our defense obviously is very good and we are the best against the run. They have Tony Hunt who although is not fast can hit the correct holes. He has had a very good year till now and this is where he will have a bump in the road. He is not that super fast scat back and we will punish him. Morelli is fresh meat for Woodley and the crew. He has VERY GOOD RECEIVERS but just as Charlie Fry, Tim Couch, and David Carr found out in the NFL if you don't have time to throw your in deep shit. IF and only IF we don't get to the QB they will get yards against our secondary. We still have not found the correct configuration back there and it better happen this week!!


Steve Breaston could have a very good game today. Their punter is a good punter and does have the ability to out kick his coverage. If that happens he is going to the HOUSE today. Our coverage has gotten much better and like I have said before is the most improved area this year on this team. We are not able to lose this match when we have ZOLTAN LEADER OF THE MICHIGANDERS!


I am a little nervous just because it is a big game and I did lose one time to them on the PS2, but this is not much different than Wisconsin game and should look a lot like that game. The conditioning before the year will keep us skinin the Kitties!

So far on this Saturday the Big Ten is just so confusing! If Indiana beats Iowa it is going to make the big ten look weak as hell. Wisconsin IMO was the best win of the year so far. I believe they are a top 10 team and will be there by the end of the year.

By the way Tosu loses to Michigan St. (wishful thinking)

GO BLUE!!!!!

Friday, October 13, 2006

Michigan Vs Penn St.

I would like to sya first that I am just another person that is very happy that Mario is only going to be out a couple of weeks, but the weeks that he is out is the worst weeks that he could miss. Hurry up and get better Mario.

My visions of the past games have been pretty much right on the money and I don't suspect to be wrong what so ever this time either. I am going to do it a little different and do match ups.


Henne vs. Morelli
advantage Henne.....duh

Morelli has a lot of going up to do where as Henne coming in the same year as Morelli has a lot more experience and just is the better QB.


Hart vs. Hunt advantage TIED!

Hart we all know can run very well and with the zone blocking coming around he is getting better and better.
Hunt is a very good runner and in their loses he still ran very well against Tosu and Notre dame, but their run defenses are not very good 45 and 64th.

Wide receivers

Advantage Michigan.

IMO we have one of the best core in the nation and a great leader to throw to them. Even with Manningham out we will have a lot of weapon with Tabb/Matthews taking his place. Remember how fast Tabb is and he will be able to burn the secondary. Steve got better and will give them a hard time. Arrington is obviously coming into his own.

Passing Defense

Advantage TIED

I am in the air on this one and who is best. If Penn State would not have played a I-aa team they would be less than 75 in the country on pass defense, but they did do well against Tosu although they did not have to pass all that much.

We have played a few teams that did not have that great of passing and they put yards up on us, but at the same time when you are way down all you are going to do is pass the ball and you will get completions.

Rushing Defense

Advantage Michigan

Although they don't have that bad of rushing defense. They are ranked 14th, but Minn is the best that they have faced.

Overall I believe that we will do the same thing that Tosu did to them and will handle them. The only thing that bothers me is 1) a night game, but we have proved we can play late. 2) The revenge that they want against us for last year. Just as we got revenge on three of our foes already this year. 3) and final they have the talent it just has not clicked yet and when it does it will be a whammy.

prediction 35-14


Monday, October 09, 2006

Michigan Wolverine's Chad Henne should be a heisman candidate!!!

As Tiger Woods would say about U of M "Offense Looks good" "defense feels good" "I like their chances"

The game pretty much went as expected. The offense completely torched MSU then put into cruise control and let the defense take care of business and keep the game in check. I can say that I am still worried about the coverage and secondary. They just need to step it up a little more. The best test for them is going to be against Iowa which is the only game that I have concerns on because of Tate and his abilities. I do think that our front four are better than Tosu and will give him fits. Although we did not get the pressure on Staton that I thought they would and that is partially because they rolled him out of the pocket and now Mr. English has more to work with come Nov. 18. I realize that we play a lot of different teams, but they are all SO different that it prepares us for down the road and gives Ron the chance to work on the weaknesses. Overall the defense again was stellar and I believe they just keep getting better. The good thing was that Mundy had the most tackles along will Prescott and that usually means a lot of long runs is happening when your safety is making plays like that, but he was just being aggressive and getting to the ball. GOOD JOB DEFENSE

Chad Henne should be a premiere candidate for the heisman trophy, but Mr. Carr is holding him back. We have seen him mature like no other although he was not as bad as people thought last year. My buddy and I argued all year about this topic and he finally apologized to me this week...Bitch! He has one of the strongest arms, best accuracy, and is a great decision maker. The biggest way he has matured is looking off the safety. Him being the starter since his freshman year has allowed him to mature with the ability to see the whole field.

These are his stats.

Chad Henne rating 160.89 attempts 80-129-4 percentage 62.0 yards 1103 Td13 Avg 183.8

His rating is 15th in the country, 13th in TDs, 65th in attemps, but 48th in yards, and finally 51st in Ints which for sure only two were his fault(maybe only one).

You have to remember that the first 2 games he barely even threw the ball downfield. Everything they threw was short and sweet. Then against Notre Dame they opened up a lot. My point is that Carr shuts these games down the beginning to middle of the third quarter so that we don't embarrass the other team and that is hurting Henne in the long run. Next year we lose 4 of the 5 starters on the O-line and they are going to need time to gel (hopefully after the Iowa game they will get in there and play together a lot for 3 games) and bond on the line. If they don't Henne will not be able to have the ability to stay in the pocket like this year and throw the football. That is my thought on Henne and Carr holding him back from being the best player in the country or at least the best QB in the country

Go Blue beat the Nitty Kittys!!!!!!!!

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Just a little question on the Michigan Wolverine Football season!

I realize that hardly nobody reads this blog and many of you probably just get here by accident, but if anyone actually reads this every now and then I would like your opinion.

This year I can say every team but Vandy,CMU and Notre Dame I have 98% thought that Michigan was just going to beat the dog crap. Those teams it was 100%. The funny thing is that 2% in the back of my mind saying "please don't let this team have a melt down and lose to this team!". I would think that this game should be a complete blow out 3 tds or more, but at the same time I have a retro thought of last year just knowing that we are going to be in complete control and then BAM!!!! we give the game up. I realize that this i a complete 180 from last year but it is like that bully that picked on you in the 3rd grade and over summer you bigger and stronger than him and you know that you are the more dominate one, but you still wait for that pee-on to take his little shot still.

Oh well we have dominated this year and I don't see a let down anytime soon. For all you Tosu fans F********u and F*** off. I have another little story from this past weekend. I was in Dayton for a softball tourney (yeah I am that softball, flag football, and bowling guy Jim Rome talks about) sitting at the hotel establishment watching a little 20" tv that they put the Michigan game on. Tosu was on the 55". So I have my favorite non game shirt on "RUDY SUCKS" this guy repeats the shirt saying then says "YOU SUCK"....yeah barfight could of insued, but the team really did not want to miss the second day of the tourney being behind bars. So the hatred for Tosu grows stronger by the talking assholes.

Go Blue!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Preview Michigan vs Michigan St.

Let me first say I am not from Michigan and I don't believe that this is a true rivalry. I believe that is was made up when we were beating the pants off of Tosu year after year. Iknow that the Paul Bunyan has been going between us since 1953, but to be a rival you can't have the dominace we have had all these years. I know that Lloyld wants to make this a full fledge rivalry, but stick with Tosu it is much more interesting nad competitive.

Saying all this I believe that this year can go one of two ways and both end with was keeping Paul(although I will not put anything in here why it will be close except for one sentence). MSU just doesn't have enough defense to withstand our fire power and there O-line can't handle our front 7. If they decide to stay with us for a while just like Wisconsin they will get wore down and crumble. Let me break it down for you-

Special Teams
We have been getting better and better and MSU has aloud a lot of yards on special teams. Steve Breaston alone could break this game wide open for us. Then Lloyld has finally settled on Zoltan(leader of the Michiganderners from plant OSUSUXS) which will allow him be hisself and hit the moon on his punts. We are covering much better and this will be a strong point.

Our Offenseis clicking on all 8 cylinders and with the Henne in front there is nothing stopping this train from rollin. He has finally took control and showed us his accuracy and strong arm(how great is it that we have Scott as a QB coach). The deep out route is not as much as a problem as it was last year and he is throwing the deep ball well. Then along came Polly(I mean Arrington) who just is screwing up everyone cause they thought all they had to cover was Manningham,Breaston on the screens, and sometimes the TE on the play action bootleg. The O-line is getting better zone blocking and Massey just gets it(on how to block).The pass blocking needs a little work, but MSU D-line need a lot of work. Hart...humm do I really have to say anything at this point? My predictions for our offensive production 300-400 rushing and 250-325 yards passing


They will not be able to do much with our front 7 and I feel that they will be running Stanton all around Saturday. They will allow some sacks and this game will be no different. We have too much speed and too much power. The only place for concern is the secondary. We need a lot of improvement here. Stewart should not be playing very much this week, because Hall plays worse with him on the other side and the other team plays a lot better. Sears can be valuable with a little game day experience. Where I am going to get pissed is when they run that stupid wr pass trick play and they score a TD. That is the only thing about being so aggressive and a little undisiplined. My predictions for our defense is 50 yards rushing, 250 yards passing, and 5-7 sacks.


Monday, October 02, 2006

Michigan vs. Minn...... Thoughts

First things first. They are not allowed to let long hold the jug up anymore cause Rivas and Hart had to jump just to touch it and still had no luck when they were jumping for it..."Come on Jake let me touch it man....Please!!!"

I was out of town last week and did not get to put up my pregame post, but here is my post game post.

1st half woooohooo

2nd half yuck!!!

Man this was dejavu.

Offense 1st half...
O-line was blocking awesome. Hart had cutback lanes Henne had time and looked great with the time that was provided to him. I have thought all year the Arrington would become the player everybody thought he would be until he got injured last year. Breaston actually caught a couple passes this year, but is taking his self right out of the starting line up. Henne's accuracy is his biggest improvement from last year. Even when he has thrown the ints they were usually the receivers fault or the last one last week where Carr just wanted to shove it in their face after the timeout. I think he has just matured remarkably. Hart well what do you say to him except..You go boy, you the man, ain't no stoppin you now, dam you good, shit that boy good he good, and yeah we'll jump on your back so you can carry us. His motor is all pure horsepower.
Offense 2nd half
They were able to do what they could not do last year and that is take time off the clock to finish the team off with 1st down runs.
Defense 1st/2nd half
The Defense has had many better days, but in the first half they were okay. One thing though they are soooo scary when there is a trick play. They bite on it EVERY time. Thank god there was a holding call. They let them run for a lot of yards to the outside. They played like they did not feel like being there until the last possession when they shut them down even if it was only by a left toe. I hope that the English man gets right in there ass and stirs them up, because they looked a lot like last year, but even when they look like last year they use there talent better.

Very bland they have more that they can learn from. They have to get a lot better to beat these Suckeyes. Everyone one around here is now rooting for the Wolverines so that they can "crush them" in the last game and take them to 11-1.