Sunday, November 19, 2006

Man was I wrong on what I thought would happen....very wrong. I guess I was do.

What a bad and eventful weekend. We lose Bo and most of us thought that his spirit alone would have something to do with the win we were going to get, but I guess him and Woody had it out up there and Woody kicked Bo's ass.

The team played very well especially not doing all the things that they are good at. One thing they did not do was the playaction pass to the TE and also they only ran one or two screens which the buckeyes are weak and we are strong with. Henne was really good, the line did a decent job, and Hart was strong very strong. The defense obviously had a tough time and did a really good job against the run except for....No need to tell you what two plays they were. The game got taken out of our hand with two penalties one on defense then one on offense. What are you going to do it happens, just have to be a lot smarter. I don't really agree with the helmet to helmet, but we all know QBs are pansies(at least in the leagues eyes). They really hit the Smith hard and a lot, but he obviously is a tough guy and can take the punishment.

It is late Sunday and I am still numb. I hate losing to the Buckeyes nad I hate most of their fans even more. I hate hearing O H I O. This is the first year that I really hear everybody saying it and I bet I have heard it 200 times in two days. One other thing for those people who you don't talk to for a year,because they called you the last game we lost to the Buckeyes suck my @#$%.

I am still up in the air about whether or not we should play against them in the NC game. On one hand I know that we are the 2nd best team in the country and we deserve the right to play for it, but on the other hand they won and it won't solve a thing if we beat them. Split NC. I just don't know!!

I know people are going to say that Carr needs to go, but it was not his fault. We had some bad mistakes, but they were from being to aggressive and that is better than being preventive. Hart's interview afterwards was great to me. I know some will say it was classless, but I loved his honesty.



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