Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Just a couple of thoughts

I think that the celebration of Bo's life yesterday was terrific and glad that I was home able to watch it. The speeches and memories past that the people brought out were awesome. I know I never met him, but have read a lot about Bo and the biggest thing that comes to me about him is that we was hard on the people that he loved so that they could go higher than they ever thought imaginable. I wish I could have been one of those people to play for him or have a story to tell about Bo.

This team has 9 Big Ten award winners and 3 that are National winners on it. That is terrific!! It only took the changing of two coordinators to bring out the best in them when they had it the whole time. The problem is that 5 of them will be leaving the team next year and hopefully most of them will get a shot at the NFL.


Sunday, November 19, 2006

Man was I wrong on what I thought would happen....very wrong. I guess I was do.

What a bad and eventful weekend. We lose Bo and most of us thought that his spirit alone would have something to do with the win we were going to get, but I guess him and Woody had it out up there and Woody kicked Bo's ass.

The team played very well especially not doing all the things that they are good at. One thing they did not do was the playaction pass to the TE and also they only ran one or two screens which the buckeyes are weak and we are strong with. Henne was really good, the line did a decent job, and Hart was strong very strong. The defense obviously had a tough time and did a really good job against the run except for....No need to tell you what two plays they were. The game got taken out of our hand with two penalties one on defense then one on offense. What are you going to do it happens, just have to be a lot smarter. I don't really agree with the helmet to helmet, but we all know QBs are pansies(at least in the leagues eyes). They really hit the Smith hard and a lot, but he obviously is a tough guy and can take the punishment.

It is late Sunday and I am still numb. I hate losing to the Buckeyes nad I hate most of their fans even more. I hate hearing O H I O. This is the first year that I really hear everybody saying it and I bet I have heard it 200 times in two days. One other thing for those people who you don't talk to for a year,because they called you the last game we lost to the Buckeyes suck my @#$%.

I am still up in the air about whether or not we should play against them in the NC game. On one hand I know that we are the 2nd best team in the country and we deserve the right to play for it, but on the other hand they won and it won't solve a thing if we beat them. Split NC. I just don't know!!

I know people are going to say that Carr needs to go, but it was not his fault. We had some bad mistakes, but they were from being to aggressive and that is better than being preventive. Hart's interview afterwards was great to me. I know some will say it was classless, but I loved his honesty.


Saturday, November 18, 2006

The day has finally arrived.

This day is has emotions of good and bad. I am so sorry that Bo has gone and when I heard of his death I felt more emotions for his passing than I have for family members that have passed. I can not believe the timing in this and being here in Ohio one response to it was "he just did not want to see his team get killed tomorrow"....DICK!!! We Bo we all will miss you and you are the reason Michigan is Michigan and the reason that there are so many fans all around the country. Rest in Peace and tell Woody "Your going down!!!".

Now to the game today and the things that I have been hearing. I bowl on friday nights and hearing the stupid ass chant OH-IO is so annoying. I bet I heard it 100 times last night, but one constellation..I took all their money. I responded with GO BLUE sometimes, but when there are no other Michigan fans it doesn't have the sound as when 5 to 10 people do a saying. I have hasd more than one person say that Michigan is going to lose by 14-21 points and that pisses me off because you know that they could not name 5 people on Tosu's team. A bunch of people tailgate at a certain area so a friend and myself painted a 4x12 sign and hung it 20 feet up this wall so they are going to be reading "wolverines rule Buckeyes sux" all day.

One last thing I played my weekly playstation game of our rival and I kick the crap out of them 31-10 so with Bo passing, wearing my lucky shirt, and winning my playstation game we can't lose today.


Thursday, November 16, 2006


I find myself getting more and more anxious to find more information out there out all the people, the game, and what the predictions are. One thing that I can say is I don't like being the underdog even when every game that I watch I always want the underdog to prevail. When the line came out this week I was surprised that it was so high, but at the same time I thought that it would go up. Most people told me that it would go down to 4 or 5, but I disagreed and said that there are too many Tosu believers out there. So far I have been correct and the line actually went up to 7 from 6.5.

There are a few thing s that I am disturbed by
1) All the anti-Michigan stuff out there that deals with Tous
2) I can't find very many anti-Tosu pictures or much of anything else

The is a great website for this type of thing but anywhere else it is hard to find.

Living here in Ohio I obviously have a lot of friends that are Tosu fans and the more ammo that I can get the better off I am, so if you have anything please let me know how to get some anti-Tosu stuff.

This what I believe is going to happen

1)MINDSET: We all know since we are so hyped up that the players are probably calm and acting like nothing is going on, but they know what is at stake and being the underdog will give them even more incentive(like they need it). I believe we will see the most intense team we have seen in a long time. Especially Chad Henne being on his game.

2) RUNNING:The ability to run and stop the run. This is going to look a lot like Wisconsin. We may not get very many yards in the first half, but they will get run down a little and the holes will open up. Mike Hart is an unbelievable back and Jackson showing up lately has made us not miss Grady as much.Tosu will have a couple of 10 yard runs, but for the most part they will not be able to get 100 yards 98 for fact.

3)PASSING:I am so sick and tired of hearing about how great Tosu is in the passing game and that they are the greatest since sliced bread. Okay they are good and fast and will get there yards, but the BIG PLAY will not happen. Our safeties will play far enough back and will not come up until Troy passes the l.o.s. and starts running. Then you have the most underated wide receiving core in america!! Since ManHam went out we have gotten better there at the WR spot. Allowing us to go to the spread offense. We all have since Arrington catch TD's and Breaston catch one, but Matthews and/or Tabb(he is very fast) will be on the field with the other three causing major match up problems. The main factor though is going to be Ecker and sometimes Massey. On normal plays they will be tremendous. I guess all this hindges on Henne being accurate and making good choices. he has thrown 7 int's, but 4 were his fault and the others were the WR fault. I feel the dropsies will happen a little early just because of the emotions going on.

4)SPECIAL TEAM: I hope that Carr learned last year to not kick to Ginn unless you have to. If this happens we by far are the better ST, but even without that our comparisions this year show we are way better than them in this category. I don't believe that either team will allow the other team to have a big play off a punt. Kick Off we have the clear advantage and could have a TD.

5)OVERALL: The two responses that I hear this year is one they are going to beat us bad(only because I am in C-bus) and the other we are going to lose by a little bit, and the game is going to be very close. I am in the belief that we are going to do the same thing to Tosu as we did against Wisconsin. I am going to go against my better judgement of a close game and say that we beat them. I mean they said that last year we was going to get trampled on because of there D-fense, but it did not happen and that is another reason why I am going to pick this score!

MICHIGAN 28- Tosu 14


Tuesday, November 14, 2006


This has been a great week down here so far! I have been wearing my Maize and Blue everywhere I go(I am staying away from Downtown) and have even gotten a few GO BLUES out there. The news consists of "there was a murder on the east side...blah blah blah there was a murder on the westside...blah blah blah and now to the Ohio State Michigan game". I am very sure it is like that in Ann Arbor also, but man is it getting me pumped up for this game. The worst part is hearing all the predictions and analysis coming from Tosu fans and how they are going to roll the Wolverines. I have not heard very many say they are going to blow us out, but still hearing so many people saying they are going to win gets disturbing. The funniest thing is where I live in Akron it is 10 times worse and the fans(radio personalities) are just really classless and idiots. Down here it seems that most are pretty classy saying the normal stuff like"what are you doing with that crap on" or "that is the wrong colors let me give you something red". In northern Ohio you here all the great fun songs like "We don't give a crap for the whole state of Michigan" or repeated "Michigan Sucks" chants. The best of all the other day was when I got serenaded by two Tosu fans. The song went as follows ....

Hail to the Motherfuckers
Hail to the Cocksuckers
Hail hail to Michigan the cestpool of the world.

Hell I requested them to sing it one more time I liked it so much plus the looked stupid as hell singing it together and again classy!! They were mad that I was the only M-fan at the bar and I got one of the 3 best TV's and they were right in front of it.

I realized a little while ago the significance of this game with being one and two, but it really did not sink until this week. We may never see this again in our lifetimes! I hope that this lives up to the hype or we just blow them away. The other thing is the football team and the basketball team are both undefeated how has that been.


Sunday, November 12, 2006


HALLALUAH!!! My dream came true. "They are who I thought they were and if you want to crown there ass then go ahead and crown there ass" They played very inspired football and I loved every bit of it.


They realy showed what they were made of and just punished everyone that came around them. They had a few decent drives, but the running back could get nothing going and the QB other than designed sneaks and draws had a really rough time. Chris Graham had a pretty good game. He did much better than last week and showed a lot of hart. That d-line and LB crew are UNBELEIVABLE!! There was a few times that I thought "oh shit this could be a big play" then came someone from somewhere and wham smack boom they go down. The Wr looked very distressed when the ball was coming to them, because they knew they were going to get smacked hard when they caught it. Trent, Adams, and especially Hall did a tremendous job and not letting the receivers get behind them.


They did what they always do and that is run left run right play action pass. I will say though Steve B. I criticized you last year on not being able to catch a ball over the shoulder, but you redeemed yourself with just one catch. Now please do it again and again come Nov. 18th. They actually showed a spread offense this week and that is a super spread. I will give the best hit to Tyler Ecker. Chad did a decent job managing the game, but that one interception in the end zone he has to know where the corner is and don't stare your receivers down. Overall very good job!!

Next week comparision

I got to watch both games at the same time and for the first time all year I am optimistic. NW was able to move the ball pretty easily down the field and then just give it to Tosu players. It was not like they were hit so hard that the ball staying in the arms was not a choice. No matter what the numbers are not as good as they were last year. They have a very good offense and it will be a great match-up. Our offense will expose the Tosu defense this week especially in the secondary. The O-Line has gotten much better through out the year, and are firing on all cylinders. I will put something out later in the week with my score prediction.


Wednesday, November 08, 2006

I am reporting from the Devils mouth down here in C-bus

I wanted to let everyone know that all is right down here in Columbus. The fans are errogant, and still hating Michigan. I will say though since the slight relapse against Illinois they are really doubting themselves right now. All I am hearing is stuff like getting their shit together, because if not they are going to lose to MEEEchigan. I have been wearing all my maize n blue everywhere and not one stupid comment yet. Just to let you know I have not went downtown close to the college though. Actually it has been pleasant down here. Enough of all this crap and lovey dovey Tosu you still suck!!!

This game coming up against Indiana is going to be a great one. We have not waxed a team all year and this is going to be the game. They are going to give Indiana everyhting they wanted and more. They have one of the top 12 worst defenses in the country and the offensive stats will be a lot like last week, but even more yardage and points. I never take Michigan when the spread is 20 or higher, but this week right now it is 19 and they will beat them by 30...42-10. This last week really played hard on the team and they have something to prove. It also helps when your team is the most healthy they have been all year. Burgess will be missed if he does not get in there, but Chris Graham needs to step up on this day and prove he will be ready when need in the next two games as well as next year. We know that Kellen Lewis can throw the football and also has legs to run. He is the perfect setup to the following week. The problem is the only good receiver they have is Hardy so he will be double team all day long. They have Thigpin and a couple other running backs( one being the QB), but they can and will be controlled with the front 4. I don't see a ton of blitzing going on here, because of the pressure of the front four. There will usually be a spy on Lewis and to control his running attack. Look for Hart to be pulled late in the 3rd quarter. That is all on this game. If the Ball State game wasn't so closr I probably would not have even wrote anything about this game.

One last thing how awesome is it that Michigan has so many players on the awards watch list. I am sure that Lamarr will win the Lombardi award and is up for the Chuck Bednarik award. Hall has a very good chance of winning the Thorpe award. Hart and Henne going for the Maxwell award and Henne also up for the Davey O'brien award. Harris is up for the Butkus award and has a very good chance at winning that, but may be beaten by Rey Maualuga from USC. We have not had this many true representitives on the awards table in a long time. We better beat Tosu.


Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Michigan's comparison to OSU NC.

This year has been a terrific year and it has mainly stemmed on the Defense. The main thing the seperates good teams from just okay teams is that they learn and get better every week. When the year started off against Vandy (which turned out to be an okay team) we seen a vanilla offenese, a defense that was very good except in coverage, and a special teams that sucked. On the defensive side and the special teams we have gotten better and better every week and will continue to get better. The Indiana game is going to be great because of the qb. He can run which he will do a lot and he also can pass, so with me saying that the team is getting better every week this will only help in the final game before our NC game. Now our offense is something else. I am a believer in that they are not trying to do anything with the football just like when they played Vandy, and Cmu early. Then after ND everyone knew they had an offense. Saying all this I am sure that Carr would of loved to have Henne out of the game early in the 4th quarter, but they were not going to pass so what was the big deal. When Henne did try to pass it was mainly to Greg Mattews which I think was a great idea in trying to get some cohesiveness between the two.

Now that I have said all that Tosu had the same kind of year going in 2002 .They had a great defense and the offense did exactly what it had to do to win games ( 7 fo them by 7 or less)which it won all of them. The defense got better and better while the offense stayed an even keel. I see our team the same way, great defense and an offense that will keep us there to win our games. Now I know we are 9-0 and this is all known, but it is mainly for the final two games, because I think that Indiana is better than it was only a few games ago. They will be able to handle the offenses of Indiana and keep them in check and our offense will do what it has to do to win(Mike's Offensive style sure is boring), but the Buckeyes are a lot different which I am sure that all the different stlyes the Wolverines have played will allow them to out score the Buckeyes. Once the Buckeyes are defeated it is on to Arizona to watch them play for the NC.