Saturday, November 18, 2006

The day has finally arrived.

This day is has emotions of good and bad. I am so sorry that Bo has gone and when I heard of his death I felt more emotions for his passing than I have for family members that have passed. I can not believe the timing in this and being here in Ohio one response to it was "he just did not want to see his team get killed tomorrow"....DICK!!! We Bo we all will miss you and you are the reason Michigan is Michigan and the reason that there are so many fans all around the country. Rest in Peace and tell Woody "Your going down!!!".

Now to the game today and the things that I have been hearing. I bowl on friday nights and hearing the stupid ass chant OH-IO is so annoying. I bet I heard it 100 times last night, but one constellation..I took all their money. I responded with GO BLUE sometimes, but when there are no other Michigan fans it doesn't have the sound as when 5 to 10 people do a saying. I have hasd more than one person say that Michigan is going to lose by 14-21 points and that pisses me off because you know that they could not name 5 people on Tosu's team. A bunch of people tailgate at a certain area so a friend and myself painted a 4x12 sign and hung it 20 feet up this wall so they are going to be reading "wolverines rule Buckeyes sux" all day.

One last thing I played my weekly playstation game of our rival and I kick the crap out of them 31-10 so with Bo passing, wearing my lucky shirt, and winning my playstation game we can't lose today.



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