Friday, September 01, 2006

Well I want to say that Iam new at this and since all I do is read other blogs about the wolverines I may as well write my own blog out here. TOMMORROW FINALLY CAME!!!
Saturday just is not the same when there is no football on the television.

Let me put a little on here about myself. I am from Ohio and have been a fan since I was 7 or 8. A C is the whole reason I am such a fan. I have went back to find out what game it was that made me such afan, but hell he was so good it could of been one of many. Ever since then I have heard all the stupid ass comments from Tosu jackoffs to make me even more of a fan. I understand bleeding the colors of your team, but they just seem to take it to another level. It some how makes the good guys a-holes. So now I have brainwashed my 7 year old into being a Michigan wolverine. These Tosu fans even say stupid stuff to him. Most parents have the ambitions of the athletic children to make it to the pro's if the are good enough well he is a very good player right now and I just want him to progress to beat Tosu. If he doesn't oh well I know he will be smart enough to go there and get me tickets to the games when he is an alumni. I am looking forward to the Michigan vs. Akron game since that is where I am an alumni.

Let me give my input on the season and my expectations. I have played half of the season on NCAA07 and I have only lost to PSU. There were an unrealistic 6 fumbles so we still have a chance against seriously I don't see us losing more than 2 games and I am sure that we will beat Tosu. I will talk more about this another time, but right now all I have to say is



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