Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Chris Spielman........ Living in Ohio I have it a lot worse as far as ridicule and taking people talking smack then most. Hell I started a new FF league and all the team names are anti-Michigan. Most of the people down here now have pretty much 4 things to say 1) Fuck Michigan (heard that a million times) 2) Keep Carr(didn't that use to be Cooper for us) 3) We own you now that Tressel is here 4) Michigan Sucks......Oh yeah and "we are going undefeated and winning the NC". All these sayings pretty much shows you the mentality level of Tosu fans. Hell even the smart people get extremely stupid once the get into the Tosu zone. I have even had one guy tell my then 6 year old son to take his Michigan shirt off so that he can take a shit and wipe his ass with it. How do you say those exact words to a 6 year old. So anyhow I was listening to 850 wknr and they have a buckeye show tell us you beef with the team (or something like that) and Chris hosts this show or is just on it sometimes, but he had the last beef (I laughed out loud when I heard this). When he went to the Michigan and Vandy game I guess he got a piece of his own medicine. He said that these drunk fans were throwing out f*** bombs and ripped the antenna off his car and threw HOT DOGS all over it.....HOT DOGS!!!!!! Perfect solution for a weiner.


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