Wednesday, November 08, 2006

I am reporting from the Devils mouth down here in C-bus

I wanted to let everyone know that all is right down here in Columbus. The fans are errogant, and still hating Michigan. I will say though since the slight relapse against Illinois they are really doubting themselves right now. All I am hearing is stuff like getting their shit together, because if not they are going to lose to MEEEchigan. I have been wearing all my maize n blue everywhere and not one stupid comment yet. Just to let you know I have not went downtown close to the college though. Actually it has been pleasant down here. Enough of all this crap and lovey dovey Tosu you still suck!!!

This game coming up against Indiana is going to be a great one. We have not waxed a team all year and this is going to be the game. They are going to give Indiana everyhting they wanted and more. They have one of the top 12 worst defenses in the country and the offensive stats will be a lot like last week, but even more yardage and points. I never take Michigan when the spread is 20 or higher, but this week right now it is 19 and they will beat them by 30...42-10. This last week really played hard on the team and they have something to prove. It also helps when your team is the most healthy they have been all year. Burgess will be missed if he does not get in there, but Chris Graham needs to step up on this day and prove he will be ready when need in the next two games as well as next year. We know that Kellen Lewis can throw the football and also has legs to run. He is the perfect setup to the following week. The problem is the only good receiver they have is Hardy so he will be double team all day long. They have Thigpin and a couple other running backs( one being the QB), but they can and will be controlled with the front 4. I don't see a ton of blitzing going on here, because of the pressure of the front four. There will usually be a spy on Lewis and to control his running attack. Look for Hart to be pulled late in the 3rd quarter. That is all on this game. If the Ball State game wasn't so closr I probably would not have even wrote anything about this game.

One last thing how awesome is it that Michigan has so many players on the awards watch list. I am sure that Lamarr will win the Lombardi award and is up for the Chuck Bednarik award. Hall has a very good chance of winning the Thorpe award. Hart and Henne going for the Maxwell award and Henne also up for the Davey O'brien award. Harris is up for the Butkus award and has a very good chance at winning that, but may be beaten by Rey Maualuga from USC. We have not had this many true representitives on the awards table in a long time. We better beat Tosu.



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