Sunday, September 03, 2006

Michigan 27 Vandy 7 Not like you did not know that already though.
I think this was a true eye opener for the Michigan program. To only score 27 points and most of them in the second half was kinda weak. The first drive was awesome and they looked like they all played together before. Then the next 5 drives there were a few missed assignments allowing pressure to get into the backfield on either a rush or a pass. Did you see how pissed hart got and yelled at the offensive line? I don't know what he said or the OL coach said but then the last few drives they got some of the wrinkles out and looked decent again.
Henne was way overstriding on his throws again just like last year and the ball would sail high on him, but they have seen that before and it defenity shortened up but the fourth quarter. He threw the ball okay with completing less than 50%, but 5 or 6 was plain DROPS! STEVE CATCH THE BALL THE TEAM NEEDS YOU!!! When he does catch the ball he is fun to watch, and was also a little scary fumbling the ball in his hands during punt returns. Manningham I like you A Lot (quoted from Dumb and Dumber) your good!!!
Hart is like the little engine that could. People 3 yards in the backfield and just makes a silly little move and whooop he gains 5 or 6. Why did he carry the ball 31 times? They used 2 of there freshman Minor and Brown right off the bat, so why not keep them in the game at least at the end when our defense was wowing people.
The defense look really good. They only had a couple of missed assignments and I am glad that Vandy scored on that trick play so that the defense realize they are vunderable. I have not seen them fly around the field like that in years. There were 5 or 6 just with 4 tackles or more and my man
WOODLEY I won't say anything more than pin your ears back and go get'em kid BIGGS hit that qb so hard that his momma is yelling at you through the television. Harris the field is 53 yards wide you should not be able to cover the whole thing like that and ending with a "who is your daddy" hit at the end. GREAT JOB DEFENSE!
They need some help or a little more commitment by the players. The way I feel if you are going to be out the you may as well knock the pansy out of Vandy. Steve should of had 15 yardsin front of him on the punt returns with no gold jerseys instead they were right in his face everytime. Special teams is such a huge part. If you give him time he is going to the house and comin back with a sandwich. ZOLTAN lord of the Miagahns was a little nervous and will be fine, but Ross get the ball to the endzone dude. Garrett higher man higher!!
Great job and I believe that they will be able to fix the small problems out there.

LETS GO BLUE!!!!!!!!


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