Saturday, September 16, 2006


That is what I am going to here later this afternoon. Usually I am super optomistic, but also a realist. Today I have awaken with a unbelievable notion that we are going to win. I have been watching a couple of games this week and I will tell you why the Wolverines are going to pull this out. If you read all the sites about them you will have heard some of this before, but these are my feelings.

Our Defense is going to be the main reason for this. Brady Quinn is a great QB and so is David Carr with Houston Texans, but without time back there you are not going to be or show how good you are. Our D-Line is better than there O-Line. We shut down walker then get into the 3-3-5 and blitz the hell out of them causing bad throws, turnovers, and sacks. There wideouts are very good, but the same thing how can they get the ball if Brady is running for his life. They will probably score early, but the one thing Ron English has shown this year is his ability to adapt to what is going on. Both Vandy and CMU had pretty decent early drives then were shut down in the 2nd half. Although CMU did not score right away they had good drives. Ron has just made real good adjustments at halftime. I hope that we run Cover 2 man a little to not allow the receivers to get deep at the beginning of the game(only if we are not getting to Quinn).
Our offense is going knock the RUDY out of them. Our line although not super impressive on pass protection it has improved and will improve more this week. Hart, Grady and Minor are all going to be huge in this game keeping each other fresh and punishing the corky defenders of ND at the end of the runs and the game. I have never been a complete advocate of this type of offense it is boring, but when they are good it is effective. We need to get Texas Tech offense coordinator in here. That would be fun.....wouldn't it?

CORSO PICKED ND YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ND don't have the Hart to Make the Grad...y. We are going to give them a Minor fibulation under there Breast...on. They don't have the Man...ningham power to control the Hen... ne running and throwing.

Basically we are going to give them a Bigg, Long, Brown, Hard(t) Wood(ley) Ecker right in there Sumarja(how ever you spell ass) while we rock there Crable and send them down the Hall. When they wake up on Mundy and realize they just got the Quinn knocked out them they'll wish that they had not gotten so many Graham crackers and gotten smacked in the head with the Brach so many times.

That is my attempt at a little poetry...

Lets beat the Sumarja out of ND WE WILL WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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