Saturday, October 07, 2006

Just a little question on the Michigan Wolverine Football season!

I realize that hardly nobody reads this blog and many of you probably just get here by accident, but if anyone actually reads this every now and then I would like your opinion.

This year I can say every team but Vandy,CMU and Notre Dame I have 98% thought that Michigan was just going to beat the dog crap. Those teams it was 100%. The funny thing is that 2% in the back of my mind saying "please don't let this team have a melt down and lose to this team!". I would think that this game should be a complete blow out 3 tds or more, but at the same time I have a retro thought of last year just knowing that we are going to be in complete control and then BAM!!!! we give the game up. I realize that this i a complete 180 from last year but it is like that bully that picked on you in the 3rd grade and over summer you bigger and stronger than him and you know that you are the more dominate one, but you still wait for that pee-on to take his little shot still.

Oh well we have dominated this year and I don't see a let down anytime soon. For all you Tosu fans F********u and F*** off. I have another little story from this past weekend. I was in Dayton for a softball tourney (yeah I am that softball, flag football, and bowling guy Jim Rome talks about) sitting at the hotel establishment watching a little 20" tv that they put the Michigan game on. Tosu was on the 55". So I have my favorite non game shirt on "RUDY SUCKS" this guy repeats the shirt saying then says "YOU SUCK"....yeah barfight could of insued, but the team really did not want to miss the second day of the tourney being behind bars. So the hatred for Tosu grows stronger by the talking assholes.

Go Blue!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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