Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Preview Michigan vs Michigan St.

Let me first say I am not from Michigan and I don't believe that this is a true rivalry. I believe that is was made up when we were beating the pants off of Tosu year after year. Iknow that the Paul Bunyan has been going between us since 1953, but to be a rival you can't have the dominace we have had all these years. I know that Lloyld wants to make this a full fledge rivalry, but stick with Tosu it is much more interesting nad competitive.

Saying all this I believe that this year can go one of two ways and both end with was keeping Paul(although I will not put anything in here why it will be close except for one sentence). MSU just doesn't have enough defense to withstand our fire power and there O-line can't handle our front 7. If they decide to stay with us for a while just like Wisconsin they will get wore down and crumble. Let me break it down for you-

Special Teams
We have been getting better and better and MSU has aloud a lot of yards on special teams. Steve Breaston alone could break this game wide open for us. Then Lloyld has finally settled on Zoltan(leader of the Michiganderners from plant OSUSUXS) which will allow him be hisself and hit the moon on his punts. We are covering much better and this will be a strong point.

Our Offenseis clicking on all 8 cylinders and with the Henne in front there is nothing stopping this train from rollin. He has finally took control and showed us his accuracy and strong arm(how great is it that we have Scott as a QB coach). The deep out route is not as much as a problem as it was last year and he is throwing the deep ball well. Then along came Polly(I mean Arrington) who just is screwing up everyone cause they thought all they had to cover was Manningham,Breaston on the screens, and sometimes the TE on the play action bootleg. The O-line is getting better zone blocking and Massey just gets it(on how to block).The pass blocking needs a little work, but MSU D-line need a lot of work. Hart...humm do I really have to say anything at this point? My predictions for our offensive production 300-400 rushing and 250-325 yards passing


They will not be able to do much with our front 7 and I feel that they will be running Stanton all around Saturday. They will allow some sacks and this game will be no different. We have too much speed and too much power. The only place for concern is the secondary. We need a lot of improvement here. Stewart should not be playing very much this week, because Hall plays worse with him on the other side and the other team plays a lot better. Sears can be valuable with a little game day experience. Where I am going to get pissed is when they run that stupid wr pass trick play and they score a TD. That is the only thing about being so aggressive and a little undisiplined. My predictions for our defense is 50 yards rushing, 250 yards passing, and 5-7 sacks.



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