Sunday, October 15, 2006


Well I guess I can say that the game went pretty much as thought. Unbelieveable defense more than adequate offense oh yeah then you have that guy Mike Hart(the little pink bunny) who just keeps going and going and going.


Wow is the only word that I can describe for this unit. The are relentless, mean, and super duper fast. They only let one play get by them. I will say that was an unbelieveable call by the Nittnany Lions O-coordinator. I am not sure how relaxed the defense got right there, but nobody could have seen that call coming. I thought that Tony Hunt was not all that fast, but he had all of our guys falling over each other trying to get to him as he ran down the field. The funny thing about that is they had 112 yards and 50 were on that play. They need to keep it up and let some of the backups play a little after the next game so they can get a little rest. The Trent PI IMO was an iffy call, but I understand why they called it.
Unlike last year I know have the confidence in the defense to shut the teams out even when they give up that late score. GOD IS THAT A GREAT FEELING!!!


The offense did exactly what it had to do. We knew that Penn St. had a very good defense and that Chad would have to be right on the mark. We also knew that the line had to protect him and open holes for Mike. All that happened about 80%. They gave Chad time to pass for the most part and they block pretty good for Hart. Chad was really close to being perfect last night. There was about 4 incomplete passes that were less than a foot off. Mike was Mike and he has proven all year that he is the leader of this team by his performance. Arrington did great, and Breaston did pretty good and should of caught that 3rd down pass to him. He is not going to be a great receiver until he quits letting the ball get to his pads and use his hands out in front of him. Terrific job Offense you did what you had to do...


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