Saturday, October 14, 2006


I am sure that is what we are going to see around 11:30 tonight. Just to let you know I have played Penn State 3 times on my PS2 and won 2/3. As I have proven before this is a true measure of how we are going to do against a team. I will say that it is going to be close though. I don't really like how I did my preview this week so I am going to update it here.


Our offense is going to have a slight struggle early on, but we will still get on the board. Mike Hart will have a tough time until we are able to get the ball outside the tackles for many yards. We all know that they are going to stack the box with 8 men in there and the true advantage we have is that we have been up by so much that our offensive line have gotten use to that many people at the LOS. Henne should have time back there to throw and when they do blitz (which I suspect a lot) he will drop it out to his backs and let them take care of the rest. The other play that is going to be used a lot is the play action to the TE. I believe that win they played Tosu they played above their ability and Tosu was a little stale.


Our defense obviously is very good and we are the best against the run. They have Tony Hunt who although is not fast can hit the correct holes. He has had a very good year till now and this is where he will have a bump in the road. He is not that super fast scat back and we will punish him. Morelli is fresh meat for Woodley and the crew. He has VERY GOOD RECEIVERS but just as Charlie Fry, Tim Couch, and David Carr found out in the NFL if you don't have time to throw your in deep shit. IF and only IF we don't get to the QB they will get yards against our secondary. We still have not found the correct configuration back there and it better happen this week!!


Steve Breaston could have a very good game today. Their punter is a good punter and does have the ability to out kick his coverage. If that happens he is going to the HOUSE today. Our coverage has gotten much better and like I have said before is the most improved area this year on this team. We are not able to lose this match when we have ZOLTAN LEADER OF THE MICHIGANDERS!


I am a little nervous just because it is a big game and I did lose one time to them on the PS2, but this is not much different than Wisconsin game and should look a lot like that game. The conditioning before the year will keep us skinin the Kitties!

So far on this Saturday the Big Ten is just so confusing! If Indiana beats Iowa it is going to make the big ten look weak as hell. Wisconsin IMO was the best win of the year so far. I believe they are a top 10 team and will be there by the end of the year.

By the way Tosu loses to Michigan St. (wishful thinking)

GO BLUE!!!!!


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