Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Many wishing the Wolverines to be 11-0!!!

Here in Ohio I have not had so many friends of my team The Michigan Wolverines. Everywhere I go with some type of Michigan attire on I hear "I hope that they are undefeated when you play us" and I say "yeah me to and I am sure that we will both be 11-0". I will have to say it is good to hear that even though I know what is going to come out of all there mouths next..."yeah so we can kick your ass and stomp you pieces of shit down....bitches", but still there is a lot of comfort knowing that for the next three weeks I will not take too much crap.

Saying all that we better not lose and I am sure that we will not. I have been just like a lot of Michigan fans and waiting for the letdown, but I now believe that it is not going to happen. This team has too much Hart and desire on defense. The Iowa game proved it. Iowa getting the short field and the defense clamping down and only allowing them a field goal is really sweet, and the other drive where they Iowa just went right down there then all of a sudden BAM!! you ain't score a TD bitches!. So I am very optimistic on the following three weeks.

If we do lose god forbid what I am going to hear around here. I will just get every version of how the team sucks and how I suck for liking them. If they were to lose and I bring it up to them I would hear "yeah well we still will kick your guys ass!!!"

Has anyone ever went on that website http://sackcarr.com ? That has to be the worst site I have ever been on. At one time it probably had a lot of merit and many of us felt the same way, but know it is so out of touch. You have like 20 people that post on there and more than half are Tosu fans. The arguments sound kind of like this "we will kick you ass because Troy is great" then the rebuttal " No way our defense is awesome we will kill him" then " well look at our third quarter second drive starting on the 30 we are the best scoring team in this situation" and it keeps going and going and going. They need to shut that site down so that all the Tosu fans will have to do something else and then keep the Michigan fans on there from going to there level.

My assessment on the two teams

Tosu is very good and they deserve to be the 1 team in the nation. Troy Smith better win the Heisman, because he is awesome and a true playmaker. The defense is way better than I and everybody else thought. Tressels scheme is obviously very good. Ginn...overrated, Gonzales...finally getting his due (leave for the Nfl this season Anthony!!!!). Pittman is From my town and he is a product of Smith.

Wolverines are way better than we expected. I had a really good feeling when Ron E. became the D-coordinator, but never expected this. The play out of there shoes every week and that is why we are a very deserving #2 in the country. Henne, Hart, Manningham have been spectacular this year and the offensive line was a concern at the beginning, but are a little better than we expected. I believe the latest injury to Riley may have lost him his job which make our line even better.

Just as we know with this rivalry no matter how bad or good either team is it is never a sure win. All these Tosu fans telling me the Wolverine are going to lose by more than 10....you are full of shit and have never payed much attention to the past 35 years (only because that is how old I am). I can't wait for every Saturday and am looking forward to Nov. 18 even more. It is going to be a classic and we will win 21-17.

GO BLUE!!!!!!


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