Monday, October 02, 2006

Michigan vs. Minn...... Thoughts

First things first. They are not allowed to let long hold the jug up anymore cause Rivas and Hart had to jump just to touch it and still had no luck when they were jumping for it..."Come on Jake let me touch it man....Please!!!"

I was out of town last week and did not get to put up my pregame post, but here is my post game post.

1st half woooohooo

2nd half yuck!!!

Man this was dejavu.

Offense 1st half...
O-line was blocking awesome. Hart had cutback lanes Henne had time and looked great with the time that was provided to him. I have thought all year the Arrington would become the player everybody thought he would be until he got injured last year. Breaston actually caught a couple passes this year, but is taking his self right out of the starting line up. Henne's accuracy is his biggest improvement from last year. Even when he has thrown the ints they were usually the receivers fault or the last one last week where Carr just wanted to shove it in their face after the timeout. I think he has just matured remarkably. Hart well what do you say to him except..You go boy, you the man, ain't no stoppin you now, dam you good, shit that boy good he good, and yeah we'll jump on your back so you can carry us. His motor is all pure horsepower.
Offense 2nd half
They were able to do what they could not do last year and that is take time off the clock to finish the team off with 1st down runs.
Defense 1st/2nd half
The Defense has had many better days, but in the first half they were okay. One thing though they are soooo scary when there is a trick play. They bite on it EVERY time. Thank god there was a holding call. They let them run for a lot of yards to the outside. They played like they did not feel like being there until the last possession when they shut them down even if it was only by a left toe. I hope that the English man gets right in there ass and stirs them up, because they looked a lot like last year, but even when they look like last year they use there talent better.

Very bland they have more that they can learn from. They have to get a lot better to beat these Suckeyes. Everyone one around here is now rooting for the Wolverines so that they can "crush them" in the last game and take them to 11-1.


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