Friday, October 13, 2006

Michigan Vs Penn St.

I would like to sya first that I am just another person that is very happy that Mario is only going to be out a couple of weeks, but the weeks that he is out is the worst weeks that he could miss. Hurry up and get better Mario.

My visions of the past games have been pretty much right on the money and I don't suspect to be wrong what so ever this time either. I am going to do it a little different and do match ups.


Henne vs. Morelli
advantage Henne.....duh

Morelli has a lot of going up to do where as Henne coming in the same year as Morelli has a lot more experience and just is the better QB.


Hart vs. Hunt advantage TIED!

Hart we all know can run very well and with the zone blocking coming around he is getting better and better.
Hunt is a very good runner and in their loses he still ran very well against Tosu and Notre dame, but their run defenses are not very good 45 and 64th.

Wide receivers

Advantage Michigan.

IMO we have one of the best core in the nation and a great leader to throw to them. Even with Manningham out we will have a lot of weapon with Tabb/Matthews taking his place. Remember how fast Tabb is and he will be able to burn the secondary. Steve got better and will give them a hard time. Arrington is obviously coming into his own.

Passing Defense

Advantage TIED

I am in the air on this one and who is best. If Penn State would not have played a I-aa team they would be less than 75 in the country on pass defense, but they did do well against Tosu although they did not have to pass all that much.

We have played a few teams that did not have that great of passing and they put yards up on us, but at the same time when you are way down all you are going to do is pass the ball and you will get completions.

Rushing Defense

Advantage Michigan

Although they don't have that bad of rushing defense. They are ranked 14th, but Minn is the best that they have faced.

Overall I believe that we will do the same thing that Tosu did to them and will handle them. The only thing that bothers me is 1) a night game, but we have proved we can play late. 2) The revenge that they want against us for last year. Just as we got revenge on three of our foes already this year. 3) and final they have the talent it just has not clicked yet and when it does it will be a whammy.

prediction 35-14



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