Monday, October 09, 2006

Michigan Wolverine's Chad Henne should be a heisman candidate!!!

As Tiger Woods would say about U of M "Offense Looks good" "defense feels good" "I like their chances"

The game pretty much went as expected. The offense completely torched MSU then put into cruise control and let the defense take care of business and keep the game in check. I can say that I am still worried about the coverage and secondary. They just need to step it up a little more. The best test for them is going to be against Iowa which is the only game that I have concerns on because of Tate and his abilities. I do think that our front four are better than Tosu and will give him fits. Although we did not get the pressure on Staton that I thought they would and that is partially because they rolled him out of the pocket and now Mr. English has more to work with come Nov. 18. I realize that we play a lot of different teams, but they are all SO different that it prepares us for down the road and gives Ron the chance to work on the weaknesses. Overall the defense again was stellar and I believe they just keep getting better. The good thing was that Mundy had the most tackles along will Prescott and that usually means a lot of long runs is happening when your safety is making plays like that, but he was just being aggressive and getting to the ball. GOOD JOB DEFENSE

Chad Henne should be a premiere candidate for the heisman trophy, but Mr. Carr is holding him back. We have seen him mature like no other although he was not as bad as people thought last year. My buddy and I argued all year about this topic and he finally apologized to me this week...Bitch! He has one of the strongest arms, best accuracy, and is a great decision maker. The biggest way he has matured is looking off the safety. Him being the starter since his freshman year has allowed him to mature with the ability to see the whole field.

These are his stats.

Chad Henne rating 160.89 attempts 80-129-4 percentage 62.0 yards 1103 Td13 Avg 183.8

His rating is 15th in the country, 13th in TDs, 65th in attemps, but 48th in yards, and finally 51st in Ints which for sure only two were his fault(maybe only one).

You have to remember that the first 2 games he barely even threw the ball downfield. Everything they threw was short and sweet. Then against Notre Dame they opened up a lot. My point is that Carr shuts these games down the beginning to middle of the third quarter so that we don't embarrass the other team and that is hurting Henne in the long run. Next year we lose 4 of the 5 starters on the O-line and they are going to need time to gel (hopefully after the Iowa game they will get in there and play together a lot for 3 games) and bond on the line. If they don't Henne will not be able to have the ability to stay in the pocket like this year and throw the football. That is my thought on Henne and Carr holding him back from being the best player in the country or at least the best QB in the country

Go Blue beat the Nitty Kittys!!!!!!!!


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